2016 Packet Pick-Up Options

In an effort to accommodate the requests from families and local runners while balancing the security and logistical needs of a major participatory event and the extra cost of providing such services, we will be offering the following additional pick up option:


You will be allowed to pick up additional race packets for friends and family at the Health & Fitness Expo under the guidelines below:

  • You may pick up your race packet and one other race packet for no extra cost. If you pick up additional race packets, you will be charged $20 per packet. You can pick up a maximum of four race packets, including your own.
  • You must have a copy of the photo ID and the original signed confirmation sheet from each person whose race packet you are picking up. Confirmation sheets will be available for download approximately two weeks prior to the event.
  • When you arrive at the Health & Fitness Expo, please bring these items directly to the Solutions table to receive your packets and pay for service (if applicable).