Tweets with Elites – Philadelphia

Over the years, the AACR Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon has been one of the most competitive half marathon’s in the United States. The 2015 event marked the 38th annual event and took place under 100 days from the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials for the Marathon. Many used the race as a tune-up run, or to clinch the standard time, to compete in the trials. Later in the fall than usual, ‘Philly’ set up to be a long distance runners dream.

elite Tim Ritchie
Men’s winner, Tim Ritchie punching the tape.

We had a feeling going into this race, that it would be highly competitive on both the Men’s & Women’s side, as well as seeing many run the trials standard for the first time. The standard for the Men is 1:05:00 and then Women, 1:15:00 (there are time standards if you run a marathon as a qualifier as well [2:15-Men, 2:37-Women]). As the race set off, large packs across both genders fell into place, as many of the elites worked together as a group, knowing that it would bode well 13.1 miles later. All-in-all, we saw 24 Men & 19 Women run faster than the U.S. Olympic Trials standard. Each runner who ran under that mark was handed an American flag, the overall emotion was sky high. Prior to the race, we had many of the elites share some insider-info on pre/post race meals, favorite quotes and their goals.

Take a look at what we all have in common, as we all trek across the line. Thanks to everyone who rocked out with us in Philadelphia!



elite runner Ben Bruce
NAZ Elite runner, Ben Bruce, cruising to a 4th place finish.








Maegan Krifchin, running 1:09:47, USA #9 All-Time in the half marathon.
Maegan Krifchin, running 1:09:47, USA #9 All-Time in the half marathon.