Cheesesteak Day Fun Facts

Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia are like peanut butter and jelly. They’re inseparable. If you’re running the American Association for Cancer Research Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon, then you’ll definitely want to up your knowledge on this delicious Philly sandwich. Today you can have your cheesesteak and eat it too! (Just don’t forget to balance it out with a little training run, of course).


While you’re working up an appetite, read these fun facts about cheesesteaks so you can spout out a few lines while chowing down post run!

  • The cheesesteak was developed in the early 20th century “by combining frizzled beef, onions, and cheese in a small loaf of bread,” according to a 1987 exhibition catalog published by the Library Company of Philadelphia and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
  • Steve’s Prince of Steaks and Amoroso’s Bakery nabbed the record for world’s largest cheesesteak at last October’s inaugural Cheesesteak Festival, creating a sandwich measuring 480 feet.
  • There are cheesesteak flavored potato chips (mmmm)
  • Order a traditional Philly cheesesteak by saying “one whiz with

Hungry yet? Start your training today and earn your cheesesteaks!

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