Six Safety Tips for Running in the Dark

Six Safety Tips for Running in the Dark

Daylight savings comes and goes each year. Before we know it, the sun sets long before we’re home from work to get in an evening run. If you are more scared of running on the treadmill than running in the dark make sure you follow these six safety tips to stay safe when the boogieman is out. Stay safe and continue enjoying your runs with Six Safety Tips for Running in the Dark.

(1) Light Up The Dark Streets
Headlamps, flash lights and reflective tape can give you added visibility to other pedestrians and drivers. If you live in a densely popualted city, it may smart to make these items a regular part of your evening runs to stay safe and visible at crosswalks or on the road.

(2) Run Facing Traffic
This is an seasoned rule all runners should know. Facing traffic allows you to see and anticipate oncoming traffic, pedestrians and other things that can disrupt your run. It also allows vehicles and people travelling in incoming traffic to spot you and acknowledge your presence, whether you’re running on the road or on the sidewalk.

(3) Choose The Right Route
Stick a route that allows you to achieve your goal mileage without sacrificing your safety. Look for routes that don’t separate and isolate you from close proximity of others nor the benefits of well lit streets or parks in medium to lightly trafficked areas.

(4) Carry A Cell Phone

(5) Carry Your ID
Carrying your ID is essential should first responders need to identify you or contact loved ones. ID braclets serve just as well as traditional licenses or state issued identification.

(6) Ditch The Tunes


These are just six of the tips for staying safe while running after dark. Read the full article at, the Official Magazine of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.