King of the Hill Challenge!


2016 King Of The Hill Marathon Results

2016 King Of The Hill Half Marathon Results

Do you enjoy the burn in your legs when you push yourself to the top of a grueling hill?  Do you find enjoyment kicking your friends’ tails’ to the top? Maybe you just like going really fast up steep things? If you answered “yes” to any of those (or even if you answered “no”), you’ll want to prepare yourself for our King Of The Hill challenge during the Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh Marathon & 1/2 Marathon presented by WRAL.

On the course, we will have an extra challenge – who can make it to the top of the hill of Boylan Ave the fastest? Every participant will have an additional split time up a hill and the top 3 fastest male and female participants will win an award! You don’t have to be the fastest overall to win this – just be speedy to the top of our hill and you can claim victory! WHO WANTS TO EAT HILLS FOR BREAKFAST AND CONQUER THE BOYLAN BEAST?!