Be Prepared For Race Day Windy Conditions

Weather Update: April 9, 2016

As a precautionary measure, we want to update all participants on race morning weather. While winds may subside, they are currently strong enough that we may alter some elements on course. We want to make you aware of some ways the high winds may affect your race day experience and what you may possibly expect:

  1. Signage, Mile Markers, & Clocks: Directional signage, banners (such as start and finish line banners), mile markers, and timing clocks may not be hung or erected. We will put up as much signage that is safe and will supplement any directional signage with additional “human arrows.”
  2. Water Stations: Water cups are light — even with water in them and they have the potential to blow away. We are working on ways to keep the stations protected from the wind.
  3. Race Day Clothing: We recommend you wear layers and utilize our Gear Check to have a jacket/windbreaker to wear at the post race finish festival.

The safety of our runners, volunteers, and spectators is always our top priority. We will continue to update this page as well as our Facebook page as we have more information about weather, wind, and what you can expect on race day.

Have a great race tomorrow!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh

Weather Update: April 8, 2016

Weather conditions are looking great for race day, but we want you to be prepared for the chillier hours in the early morning so you can enjoy the rest of your day! Here are a few tips from our medical team:

  • Dress in layers that are breathable
  • A vest is great for keeping your core warm
  • Start with a light pair of gloves and a thin hat
  • Pack a full set of dry clothes to change into after the event
  • Change out of your sweaty clothes immediately after finishing
  • Trash bags are a great way to stay warm prior to the race, and easy to ditch just before starting.