Runner Spotlight: Love and Lucky 13

Susan and Doug were married on July 22nd, 2000. To celebrate their 13 year wedding anniversary, they committed to running 13.1 miles at Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago this past weekend.

Back in 2011, Susan and Doug started running to get in shape. In the beginning they could barely run a mile. Since then, they have each completed two half marathons and a marathon. Not only does this active couple run, but their kids get involved too, adding to their gleaming medal collection. Susan’s goal is to run an ultramarathon (50K) near the end of this summer. Susan concluded,“…When I say we run ‘together’, that’s not very literal… I’m not the fastest one out there, but running has made a huge difference in my life– losing 50lbs!”

Happy Anniversary Susan and Doug, we admire your dedication and commitment to staying active and turning running into a family affair. 

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