Runner Spotlight: Lindsay Wilson – Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Lindsay Wilson (pictured on left)

Lindsay registered for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon as a birthday present to herself in order to challenge her limits. At just 9 months old Lindsey was diagnosed with Kawasaki Syndrome which inflames blood vessels throughout the body, affecting the heart in rare cases. Within months of being diagnosed she suffered three heart attacks and a bleed in her brain causing a stroke on her right side. After having coronary artery bypass surgery at 10 years old she has not been without disability but is doing extremely well. Although no one would fault her for playing it safe considering her health conditions, she continues to push herself to prove she can accomplish the feat of a half marathon.

“I am by no means fast, in fact, I’m not concerned about my time at all. For me it is all about completion, and seeing that finish line.”

Lindsay Wilson’s story is just one of many that bring motivation and support to members of the Rock ‘n’ Roll community. Share your personal story and you could be featured in our Runner Spotlight. Your experience can encourage others through difficult times and help make dreams possible.