Meet ‘n’ Greet the Staff | Ashley Swapp


Before reaching the start line on race day, teams of people never cease to work behind the scenes to deliver you the best race experience. So who’s crafting content that motivates and inspires, providing tips and tricks and important pre and post race information?

Meet: Ashley Swapp
Role: Social Media Coordinator

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Ashley found solace with the running community when she moved to California from Portland, Oregon. Although running was something that never appealed to her, she decided to sign up for a 5k with some people she met through blogging and Twitter in an effort to make friends. A passion soon developed for the community that comes with running.

Ashley was an Event Manager/Coordinator in the Events Division for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Team East prior to moving to social media. In her current role she supports events by crafting content that inspires, motivates and informs our community of runners to ensure the best race day experience.

Favorite Part of Her Job:
“In addition to the incredible people, honestly I love the stress. What we do is incredible and I look forward to coming to work each day with a sense of purpose.”

In her spare time…
With 28 Rock ‘n’ Roll events in a given year, you can imagine social media is a 24 hour job. She comments, “Spare time, what’s that? Just kidding. Sort of. Like any typical California cliché if I can take long walks on the beach, I’m all about it. Other than that creating things makes me so happy so you’ll find me making some sort of craft, cooking, baking, or writing when I have time for it.”

Random Facts:
As a Social Media Coordinator, you can imagine that Ashley has a knack for connecting and communicating well with people. She’s lived in Japan three times and is fluent in Japanese. She also learned recently that she has a unique condition called Synesthesia, where she sees numbers as colors…signs of a creative genius no doubt!

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