Meet ‘n’ Greet the Staff | Josh Furlow


Before reaching the start line on race day, teams of people never cease to work behind the scenes to deliver you the  best race experience. So who are those people making our events operationally sound, and planning all the details of race day logistics?

Meet: Josh Furlow
Role: Senior Vice President, Operations

Originally from Dearborn, MI, Josh was officially introduced to the endurance industry during his tenure at AEG as VP of Operations, where he managed the touring and production side of events like the Tour of California and Bay to Breakers.

In his current role at CGI, Josh oversees the overall  worldwide operations, planning and logistics of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Race Series, Women’s Running Series, TriRock and Muddy Buddy from conception to completion. His efforts begin months, if not years before you reach the start line, from providing input on course design to meeting with city officials to ensure the best safety operation teams are in place to deliver you a positive race day experience. Some would think this would be a stressful job, but to Josh it’s  all about being planned and organized. “It’s not stressful to me, that’s the bizarre thing about it. There needs to be someone that’s not stressed and keeps calm, knowing that the streets are closed and everyone’s in place.” 

Favorite Part of His Job:
The thing Josh has most enjoyed during his three years at CGI, is that not one event is the same . “It’s different every day, there’s never a dull moment…”

In his spare time…
As you can imagine, Josh has a busy travel schedule and has already been on the road for 25 weeks this year. He comments, “I don’t have spare time, but when I do I like to spend it with my wife and daughter, just doing nothing. Not traveling.”

Random Fact:
Since Josh dines out a lot, his favorite menu is the one he prepares at home. He is an avid cook and wine aficionado. 

Watch an interview with Josh on why we will never stop improving the race experience because…it matters.

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