Meet ‘n’ Greet the Staff | Cassidy Runyun

Before reaching the start line on race day, teams of people never cease to work behind the scenes to deliver you the Rock ‘n’ Roll experience. So who are those people answering your customer service emails, greeting you at the expo, and staffing the solutions table on race day?

Meet: Cassidy Runyan Cassidy

Role: Registration Coordinator

After getting her degree in Business, Cassidy knew she wanted to dive in to the sports industry in some way. It was four and a half years ago she became a receptionist at Competitor Group prior to transitioning to the Registration team. No doubt her years manning the front desk has prepped her for her role in customer service!

As part of the Registration team, Cassidy is one of the people on the other end of your email inquiries, at the solutions tent on race day, and our first line of customer service defense.  Cassidy comments on the important of customer service and the role it plays in the overall participant experience:

“It’s important that participants have the one on one customer service interaction with each of us which is why we each take care of certain events.  So if someone has a question about Arizona or an issue with their registration, I will know the most about that event and be able to help them out the best; they’ll only talk to 1 person (me) about Arizona.  Even though we have an opportunity to be part of a large event series, we still feel that customer service is extremely important and try to help each individual as much as possible while upholding the Series policies and procedures.  We all have our own story and life outside of work, so when people call or e-mail in, they truly are receiving a response from a real/genuine person.”

Favorite Part of Her Job:

Without hesitation, Cassidy responded “the travel and the people” to this question. Over the years she has become well traveled not just in the US but abroad as well, having the opportunity to travel everywhere from Nashville to Dublin. Aside from the travel she notes that during her time here her coworkers have become great friends and it makes it easy to enjoy work every day.

When she isn’t answering your emails…

Cassidy has been able to indulge in reading while traveling; most recently enjoying The Hunger Games and Orange is the New Black. She loves staying active so when she isn’t exploring the outdoors with friends, she takes part in an indoor soccer league with other coworkers.

She admits to never loving running prior to joining the company but now incorporates it into her workout regimen every week. Earlier in 2013 she also ran her first half marathon with several coworkers at Rock ‘n’ Roll Pasadena.

Random Fact:

Being OCD and type-A personality bodes well for working at CGI and Cassidy divulged a quirk which stems from this. The little volume controls on your computer? She can only put the volume on an even number or a multiple of five. Odd numbers not welcome!