Ambassadors of ROCK | Chase Barrett

Ever wonder who those enthused runners staffing rogue water stations in the park are? Or chatting you up in the local running store? Or in general just being crazy-excited about our Rock ‘n’ Roll events? That would be our Grassroots Ambassadors also known as Ambassadors of ROCK – our in-market warriors spreading the word of ROCK!


Meet: Chase Barrett

Role: Ambassador of ROCK; San Diego

On the left; Chase Barrett. To the right; sand castle constructed for the Carlsbad 5000, Chase’s brilliant idea.


Chase was born in Bakersfield, CA and spent the first 20 years of his life there before moving to San Diego, CA with his brother. His first introduction to running was actually by way of the amateur boxing world. All boxers take part in a workout termed ‘road work’ as part of their training.  After fighting for several years he gave up boxing but kept up running. His last fight was in 2007.

Having been an Ambassador for just under a year Chase says of his role, “Anyone can be fast or strong, it’s just about acknowledging your desire to change & accepting that change – I like to use my position as an Ambassador of Rock to help people understand that limitations only exist in their minds.” He is proof of that statement having improved his half marathon PR by more than an hour from 3 years ago. In addition he has also knocked 45 minutes off his Marathon PR in 2 years.

“I love the Rock ‘n’ Roll series because it has become so much more than a race – people use running & the process of training for an event to change their lives for the better.  It’s great.”

Ambassadors of ROCK are all creative and athletic members or the Rock ‘n’ Roll community and we encourage them to utilize that in their Grassroots efforts. Chase spread his creative wings for the 2013 Carlsbad 5000: World’s Fastest 5k; he commissioned a sand-sculpture to be built at Tamarack State Beach to promote the event.  It. Was. Awesome. (see photo above)

Random fact: Chase is an accurate shot with a rifle (iron sights) up to 500 yards. Note to self: do not get on his bad side.


Stay tuned to meet more of our Ambassadors of ROCK! Interested in being an Ambassador? Visit our website for more details: Ambassadors of ROCK