Meet The Run Within | Alex

Ever wonder who’s standing next to you in your corral at the start line, or cheering you on when you’re about to give up during a race? We’ll be featuring guest bloggers that have a passion for Rock ‘n’ Roll and inspire us by their dedication and commitment to the sport of running. You may recognize their faces, but the purpose of these posts is to put a face behind the name to better understand their journey to self-discovery.

Today’s post comes to us from guest contributor Alex, author of The Run Within. What started as this girl’s training turned in to a passion and way of life. alex3

Hi! I am Alex – New England raised now living in Washington DC.

Running is more than just part of me now. Funny to think that I started running because I had to. What started with necessary training for soccer season soon became a new-found love in distance running. I quickly traded in my soccer cleats for distance spikes as my Junior Year in High School rolled around. Add in a high school coach that put this running fever in me and you had a new dedication to something I had never felt before. By the time I hit college, running had become my thing. I had officially found a new passion for the half marathon distance and running in general.

Both my parents were runners. We still have a steadfast family tradition of running the Falmouth Road Race – trading in younger generations as the older generations fall out. Collectively, someone in our family has run the race for the past 25+ years. The running bug was in me, but I just had to find why I loved the sport.

I can’t describe the feeling of lacing up your shoes and just getting out there. It has been the most consistent thing in my life that has held the seams together. Running doesn’t have to be about beating others or being on top. Instead, you find strength in yourself that only you can dig deeper into. People know me as the girl that runs around town, in all weather, in crazy morning hours. No fancy watch, no fancy gear just me and my cotton t-shirt. I run because I love it, not because I feel like I have to.

Besides Falmouth, the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA race has been the most consistent half marathon I have done. That says a lot due to the fact that I have run over three dozen half marathons since I started doing them more regularly my senior year in college. I keep coming back to this race. Maybe it is the motivating environment that you just can’t beat. Maybe it is the bands lining the street. Maybe it is the person that hands out gummy bears as you swear to yourself running up Calvert Hill. Whatever it is, I am hooked.

2014 is all about my running. And Rock ‘n’ Roll USA fits nicely into that. As one of my favorite runners Prefontaine would say “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great”. 

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