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June for Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle is AMAZING! I am usually leaving 40°C in New Orleans for 22°C in Seattle so from the time I land in the State of Washington; I feel the need to drink coffee, wear lavender oil, and knit a sweater. I feel sooooooo relaxed; but be prepared for all weather… if it rains you will need more than an umbrella!

The first thing I do is go to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Health & Fitness Expo and get my packet and bib number. Be ready to dance as you browse the Expo! Its high energy, lots of vendors, and I enjoy looking at all the new products that have the ability to maximize my athletic potential. Try to go the first day of the Expo (Thursday for RnR Seattle) if you can because Friday is packed with race participants.


Geo’s Seattle-Must-See’s:

  • Century Link Field is close to the expo if you want to visit the home of the Seattle Seahawks.
  • The Space Needle is cool but Pikes Place Market is a TON OF FUN! I recommend buying small amounts of food so you can try everything. The first time I saw the guys throwing fish back-n-forth, I said to myself “where is the oh-s#@t handle on that ride?!”
  • Visiting the original Starbucks is a spiritual moment and always has a long line. There are tons of coffee shops along the way so I recommend having a coffee while you wait in line. You will meet a lot of people who are the #1 Starbucks fans.
  • The Hard Rock Café Seattle has great music, great food, and I have always had a great experience. The Elvis Presley sheepskin coat and Jimmy Hendrix 1969 Fender Stratocaster memorabilia just ROCK!
  • Freemont neighborhood has great restaurants and shops. I had a great time looking for the statue of Lenin – be warned! It is not a statue of John Lennon; but then again I thought Mount Rainier was Pikes Peak so… You should have seen the face on my friend Michelle… she gave me the ooohhhhh “GIRL” look for real?!
  • The Freemont Troll is a funny site to see. It’s like being next to a huge blow-up Ronald McDonald but with gum and graffiti. Explore the Seattle parks and go to the Ballard Locks to see the fish ladder.

On race day I recommend running with a camera because the race course is so beautiful. I usually don’t notice it because I am run-hopping to the DJ’s music, but be mindful of the tunnel during the marathon because the road angles on the curve a lot.  Seattle is a fun place and beautiful place so definitely have a plan of things you want to see; but also be spontaneous! The city has great energy and is a destination I run over-and-over again.



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