ANIMO! ANIMO!! ANIMO!!! | Rocking Madrid

“COME-ON! COME-ON!! COME-ON!!!” is what I heard with spirit km-by-km in the streets of Madrid, Spain during the Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon. A few days earlier I was rushing around the French Quarter of New Orleans finishing my errands, packing for my trip to Europe, doing MEGA LOADS of laundry, working a full time schedule + NOLA was preparing for the Jazz Festival!

I fell into my seat for my international flight and went immediately to sleep. I woke a few hours before my flight ended and made a new friend of the athlete sitting next to me from California who was going to run the marathon. After landing I realized almost everyone on the flight was wearing some sort of cool Rock ‘n’ Roll gear; I was rocking my favorite Sweaty Band :) I cleared customs and saw my friend/ spiritually adopted brother Adriane “Moska Moskaa”!

We took public transit to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Expo and I was taken aback by the EXTREME HIGH ENERGY! Race Bib pakcet pick-up was sooooo easy, the shirt this year and guitar graphic which super rocked, and the gear bag… I’ve used every day since the race because it’s so great! I ran into friends and confirmed my volunteer status for the next day.

525x300_GEO-Madrid2 VOLUNTEERING AT THE EXPO WAS A TON OF FUN! I was in the Rock ‘n’ Roll booth talking to fans of the series about Las Vegas, New Orleans, and all the destinations the WORLD ROCKER’S had questions about. Slowly the party amplified from a casual encounter into a full on photo-mosh-pit-of-awesomeness!!! Y’ALL WE HAD A GREAT TIME taking photos, making new friends, and talking Rock ‘n’ Roll! By the time I made it to the pre-race pasta party, I was ready to show how I #BOOSTMADRID on the race course… plus a good night’s sleep LOL!


RACE MORNING WAS ELECTRIC! I watched the 10km athletes start their journey through the streets of Madrid. I cheered my friends from the USA, Canada, Spain, and Germany as they passed by and then rushed to my start coral. My race bib number was 2894… I was nervous the foot injury I was bouncing back from would haunt my run… I saw a friend from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon and I was re-energized!


The horn blew and I was running. By the 15km marker I had ran next to friends from Canada, Qatar, Germany, and Norway. I was getting ready to see the Royal Palace of Madrid and I saw my friend Audrey. 2012 Audrey and I crossed the Inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon finish line around the same time, took a picture together, and have been friends ever since that day. I broke down crying as I ran into her arms as she cheered passing athletes and myself on!

This is a moment I will never forget… friendship… kindness… love… loyalty… to be a WORLD ROCKER is more than just a cool medal for your wall; but an opportunity to experience the happiest times of your life. I left my friend and continued my journey. I ran into my friend Ulf from Sweden and Edwin from Ecuador. We only had a minute because they are running beasts LOL. Nearing the end of the race I saw my friend Ignacio from Spain and then a woman jumps out from the crowd. I do not know her name but I have seen her for the last 2 years. She hugs me, shows me pictures of the year before in my #TEAMCHOCOLATEMILK gear. We said farewell and I was ready to rock the last 5km.


















I SEE THE FINISH LINE… ANIMO! ANIMO!! ANIMO!!! Music is pulsing, the ground is shaking, people are screaming, noise horns, I’m giving the last bit of energy and then… I CROSSED THE FINISH LINE!!! I get my super cool guitar medal and my spirit pauses with pride. Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid is more than a 10k, 21km, or 42km journey you just run… but a unique experience in global sharing that takes place in the streets of Madrid, Spain. The athletes, volunteers, fans, race coordinators… We are ALL AS ONE!


The 2014 Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon is to date the best race experience of my race career!!! I can’t explain enough of what happens in the streets of Madrid, Spain during the race…

CALLING ALL ATHLETES! NOW IS THE TIME to become a WORLD ROCKER!!! I personally invite you to ROCK the streets of Madrid, Spain with me in 2015. DON’T WAIT… make the commitment, set a savings budget, train like you have never trained before. LETS SHOW SPAIN HOW WE RUN MADRID WITH ROCK ‘N’ ROLL!!!

Run-Love-Rock! Geo


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