Stir. It. Up. on Race Day with Marley Coffee


If you rely on a cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning, you’re in luck at the 2014 Janus Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Marathon & 1/2 Marathon on Sunday, October 19th.

Marley Coffee, founded by Rohan Marley, son of legendary musician and visionary Bob Marley, will help get spectators and runners alike stirred up on race day, with a gourmet coffee BikeCaffe at Civic Center Park and reggae jams by Selasee & the FAFA Family at the 10K start.

Headquartered in Denver, CO, Marley Coffee sources its sustainably grown artisan roasted coffee beans from around the world, including Ethiopia, Central and South America and Jamaica. These brewmasters are passionate about what they do and committed to giving back to coffee producing communities through charities like:, the Marley family’s charity, empowering people to take action for sustainable and responsible living. A portion of all Marley Coffee sales support 1Love. Rohan’s charity, Kicks for a Cause Foundation, builds playable soccer fields and camps for children, in addition to providing new soccer balls and shoes. Their newest initiative, the WaterWise Coffee Project, helps clean up the river in Ethiopia adjacent to where their coffee is produced. “It’s an important project to us because of Rohan’s Rastafarian ties to Ethiopia – the birthplace of civilization and coffee,” says Marley Coffee’s CEO, Brent Toevs.

MarleyBike_885x500Just like music, coffee can literally move you, “One cup at a time. One sip at a time. One love.”

Drinking a cup of coffee or two can benefit your race day performance, according to a study by Dr. Rob James, lead researcher at Coventry University in England.  He found that, “high doses of caffeine boosted muscle power output and endurance and improved performance by almost six percent.” Read more here.

If coffee is your 1Love, look out for the Marley Coffee BikeCaffe on race day and Stir. It. Up!

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