Running in Honor of his Daughter and Women Everywhere



This guest blog post comes from everydayhero.

Luis Perez always made it a priority to set a positive example for his nine-year old daughter. From an early age, he taught her about the importance of fitness and healthy living. She would come cheer him on as he ran races around his adopted hometown of Santa Clara, California. So, when he heard about the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon, he decided to sign up for it. But he wanted this race to be different.

“This time, I didn’t want to just run for the sake of running,” he said. “I wanted to have a purpose. I wanted to find a cause I could get behind.”

 When he was signing up, he saw the option to fundraise through everydayhero. When scrolling through his options for organizations to support while training, he was thrilled to see one that empowered girls like his daughter—Girls for a Change. An organization dedicated to serving girls through after school programs and training sessions, Luis felt like it was a perfect fit. Not only would he be able to support a good cause, but it was a cause that helped the same local girls that his daughter went to school with every day.

“They have groups where girls can get together. If someone is trying to abuse or bully them, they can go to a group and someone will listen to them,” he explained. “It has such a great local impact by giving girls a positive place to learn and grow outside of school.”

 As he set off on his training, the prospect of making the world a better place for his daughter made all the difference on those long runs. The blazing California sun didn’t feel quite as intense on his shoulders when he thought about all the women that would benefit from Girls for a Change.

In order to amplify the impact of his efforts, he began spreading the word about his fundraising goal on social media. Initially, he found it challenging to join in—people were busy with their own lives and supported other causes. However, as weeks went on, his family, friends and coworkers saw just how serious he was about training and jumped on board.

When he finished another run, he could log onto his everydayhero page and see just how much progress he was making towards his goal. With every mile, every dollar and every new conversation, his Giving Footprint grew and showed just how large his impact on his cause was. And because of the hard work he has put in, Luis is just a few dollars from hitting his $700 fundraising goal.

“I run for fun and to keep my body and brain healthy,” he said, “but I think that all this sweat and pain are worth even more when it’s for a good cause. It’s incredible being able to help Girls for a Change provide resources and support to girls and see them gain the voice, ability and problem-solving capacity to realize their full potential.”

Whether it’s your own child or a friend’s Facebook post that motivates you to start doing some good for a cause, everydayhero has the tools you need to get started. From building houses to running a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, there’s something everyone can do. What are you waiting for? Get started today.