Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon: In Your Own Backyard

A world-class half marathon right in your own backyard, it doesn’t get much better than that! The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon will be taking place in Ireland’s largest city for the fourth time in 2016! This time around, 21.1k distance will be run on August 7. 2016. To make it even sweeter, we’re adding a NEW 10K race to the weekend. Information on that new 10K course, can be found here.

The event is part of the world’s largest running series – Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series – which hosts marathons and half marathons in 30 cities across America, Europe, Canada and Mexico. The recipe of providing music along every mile, a finish festival concert, fantastic medals and professional race operations attracts 500,000 entrants annually.Rock 'n' Roll Dublin Half Marathon Runners



The 2016 Irish National Half Marathon championships will also be hosted at Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin. This means that some of the best long distance runners in Ireland will be racing through Dublin, to see who ranks among the best at the 13.1-mile distance, in the country. With the Olympics on the horizon in 2016, you never know who might show up!


During the race, you’ll take the sneaker express past Richmond Barrak and Kilmainham Goal prison, particularly fitting Dublin commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. You’ll also skirt Temple Bar and Ha’penny Bridge, no toll taken this time around. It’s not everyday that you get to run past many historic and lovely sights that people come from all over the world to see.Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Dublin Band


Whether you’re from Dublin, County Kerry or any of the other beautiful surrounding areas on the Emerald Isle, you won’t want to miss traversing Dublin by foot in August. Anyone can drive a car to catch a wink or two of what’s going on, but the experience is much more superb when traveling by foot!

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