Rock ‘n’ Blog Team Submissions

Welcome! We’re happy to have you both on the team and taking a peek over here to either share your content or have us share it for you!

You can share your posts with us, or submit new content for the Rock Blog here:


Why should I submit content that I’ve posted?
Great question! We’ve got a whole team of awesome bloggers, Tweeters, jugglers, and running enthusiasts. We do our best to keep up with what you are up to but this way we can have all of your training posts, race recaps, etc. Also, if we happen to miss a mention on Twitter or Facebook, this gives us the opportunity to jump in and engage with you and your followers if it’s appropriate.
How do I submit my content?
Just scroll back up to the submission field above and fill out the form for “Social Post Submission”!
Why should I submit content for a Rock Blog post?
You are just full of great questions. Here is why we encourage Rock ’n’ Blog members to submit their content:

  • We love hosting great content on our Rock Blog, especially when it’s by runners; for runners.
  • Every post will include links back to your site to get you extra exposure
  • Each post that goes live will be tweeted from @RunRocknRoll handle

Are there writing guidelines?

  • Include a title for your posts
  • Keep it between 500 – 1000 words
  • Offer information that you think is helpful, interesting, or engaging for the Rock ’n’ Roll community
  • Provide original and personal work. Original meaning a posts that have never been published anywhere else, including your own blog. Personal meaning we want to hear about YOU! Share something about yourself, something that has inspired you, why are you writing about this topic?

How do I submit content for the Rock Blog?
Scroll back up to the submission field above and fill out the form for “Rock Blog Submission”! You’ll be asked to upload a Word document with your content and a photo(s) to include in the post.
Other questions or just super stoked and want to tell someone?