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Name: Holly Johnson

Location: Stapleton, AL


Twitter: running_ffwd

Instagram: running_ffwd

Rock 'N' Blog Ambassador

Holly Johnson

Favorite Quote:

I personally relate to; “She believed she could, so she did”. After battling years with back injury, surgery and pain, my doctor thought I was crazy to want to take up running and never thought I would make it. Four years later not only did I make it, I am pushing myself and setting higher goals.

Why do you run?

I recently “re-branded” my blog and all social media, I am now Running In Fast Forward. That is the most fitting description for my life. I always have a million things going on and demands pulling me in many directions, but I wouldn’t change my life for anything. Running is my relaxation, me time, time with friends and it keeps me balanced. I run so that i can be a role model for my kids, it keeps me an ex-smoker and recently its become something I also share with my husband.

Favorite place to run:

I like to run in new places, it allows me to see the country and also do what I love. Anytime we go out of town, I love to lace up and go explore. I would love to plan some racecations with my friends and my husband.

Running gear you can not live without:

I am a huge Oiselle clothing line fan and Ambassador. I have learned great shoes, I personally love Newtons, proper clothing and fueling will help you be successful in your training! Other than that, my Garmin 620 and that’s it!

When not running where would we find you?

Currently you would find me studying for the CPA exam. I also spend a lot of time traveling with my daughters competitive gymnastics team, my sons baseball games and hanging with family and friends. I live in Alabama and we love college football, we spend a lot of time watching the games, Roll Tide!

Favorite post race fuel:

I rehydrate with Nuun and Chocolate milk. Other than that I usually would die for a cheeseburger after a great race.

Song you want to hear at the finish line:

I have a house full of teens, I have really grown to like Roar by Katy Perry!