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Name: Lauren Seserko

Location: Baltimore, MD


Twitter: BreatheBlog

Instagram: breathedeeplyandsmile

Rock 'N' Blog Ambassador

Lauren Seserko

Favorite Quote:

A personal mantra I had for this year was “Run Happy. Dream Big” because I wanted to have fun with running and see where it can take me while remembering the sky is the limit!  The other overall mantra I have is “Stronger Than You Know” because I keep proving it to myself in running and in life. I can do more than I ever thought I could and that is magical.

Why do you run?

I believe in the cliche that running is a form of therapy for me. It’s stress-relief and makes me happy. At the same time it is a challenge. Like life it provides obstacles and ups & downs, but it’s so rewarding. It makes me feel so much stronger than I ever thought I was.

Favorite place to run:

My favorite place to run regularly is along the water in Baltimore. You can hug the water and run through various neighborhoods on the docks for miles. It’s calming being near the water and also a lovely little tour through the city.

Running gear you can not live without:

It’s a tie between good socks and a headband. I can’t deal with sweat and hair in my face when running and good socks are a secret to happy feet I learned too late!

When not running where would we find you?

Working full time as a research scientist,with my November Project Baltimore tribe, hanging out around Baltimore or eating pizza. Probably just thinking about eating pizza and eating something else.

Favorite post race fuel:

Immediately after some chocolate milk and a banana. That is later followed by a burger and beer or brunch!

Song you want to hear at the finish line:

“Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + the Machine. It’s a standby running song for me!