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Name: Nicole van Zanten

Location: Vancouver, BC


Twitter: nicolevanzanten

Instagram: nicolevanzanten

Rock 'N' Blog Ambassador

Nicole van Zanten

Favorite Quote:

I work with Mantras. When running, I focus on one person or ‘thing’ to inspire me.

Why do you run?

I love the thrill and challenge. I love the idea of training for a race and pushing my body to the fullest.

Favorite place to run:

Seawall in Vancouver – gorgeous!

Running gear you can not live without:

Running gear? Not technically – but my phone, with song after song, is something I can’t live without.

When not running where would we find you?

Working as a Marketing/Communications professional for a global agency.

Favorite post race fuel:

Can I say beer? Beer.

Song you want to hear at the finish line:

My songs are always in rotation. Right now, Trophies by Drake.