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Name: Pia Piscitelli

Location: La Mesa, CA


Twitter: wandersandiego

Instagram: exploresoul

Rock 'N' Blog Ambassador

Pia Piscitelli

Favorite Quote:

Illegitimus Non Carborundum…Latin for Don’t the Bastards Grind You Down!

Why do you run?

There’s no better way to feel strong, athletic and alive.

Favorite place to run:

I love trail running best, although you can find me anywhere from the gym to the local college track.

Running gear you can not live without:

My Vibrams.

When not running where would we find you?

Doing yoga (almost done with my 200 Hour Certification) or Reading (can’t get enough reading and learning).

Favorite post race fuel:

Gluten Free Bagels or Pea Protein Smoothie

Song you want to hear at the finish line:

Climax to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen