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Name: Susan Warcholak

Location: Calgary, AB


Twitter: dothingsalways

Instagram: sue_dothingsalways

Rock 'N' Blog Ambassador

Susan Warcholak

Favorite Quote:

It always seems impossible until it’s done

Why do you run?

Because I feel like I’m 10 years old, flying along with the wind in my hair! There’s nothing like it in all the world.  I share this journey with my husband which is freakin awesome!

Favorite place to run:

Las Vegas/desert. I find excuses to run there all the time, on trails in Red Rock, my first ultra near Area 51 at midnight, my second ultra soon in Feb 2015. Good thing my husband loves it there too. Our first race there was RnR LV in 2012, we were Running Elvi!

Running gear you can not live without:

My Brooks Pureflows, heaven on my feet – no lost toenails since I found them.  I’m also loving my Inknburn tech gear.  No chafing for me please and thank you.

When not running where would we find you?

I’ll be hiking in the mountains west of Calgary hanging out with nature, it is forever my happy place.

Favorite post race fuel:

Chocolate milk is the best finish line sight ever.  Following this, the nearest fabulous restaurant so I can celebrate properly darling.

Song you want to hear at the finish line:

Gunther & The Sunshine Girls – The Ding Dong Song