Meet Mandy & Her #RNRSD Moment!

Meet #RnRSD runner, Mandy, from California. We’d like to thank her for sharing her Rock ‘n’ Roll moment with us. Check it out below!

“My very first marathon was the 2003 San Diego RnR. I had never ran any sort of race before. I trained for months with Team in Training to conquer that 26.2. 6 hours & 45 min later I crossed that finish line in pain & in tears. I was so proud of myself & so glad it was over. I had ran that race for 3 of my grand parents who had all passed from ugly cancer. I love the accomplishment of finishing that race & I knew I was hooked. I made a life goal of finishing 100 marathons ( mix of halfs & fulls ). Today, 13 years later, I’ve completed 51 races. Every year I run the SD RnR Full marathon. And I plan to keep that tradition going until I reach my 100th finish line. Thanks to SD for being such a huge part of my life!”

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