10 Things to Put Off Until You’ve Registered to Run on Global Running Day

June 6th, 2018 is Global Running Day. Everything else can wait. Procrastinate and celebrate by registering for a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and enjoy our lowest prices of the year. Put these 10 things on the back burner and Register to Run instead:

10. Binge watching a series.

Press pause for the cause of registering for your next race.

9. Planning your day.

There’s no time for that. These are the best deals of the year!

8. Snoozing your alarm.

Register before you run to catch some Z’s.

7. Walking the dog.

That could backfire. Register to run first!

6. Making breakfast.

Wakey wakey, eggs n’ bakey! These are the best prices of the year. And spots are limited. Even bacon must wait.

5. Going for a run.

We like where your head and feet are at. But register first.

4. Living (in) your dreams.

The dreaming can get tough. Wake up and score savings instead.

3. Starting a band.

How about seeing a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon headliner instead?

2. Showering.

Is that savings I smell?

1. Drinking coffee.

You mean to tell me …? Yes, it too can wait.