Know What’s Going to Entertain You On Course!

Course Entertainment


You’re getting ready to ROCK June 5, 2016 at the Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and 1/2 Marathon!

We are excited and want to show you all you have to look forward to on Race Day!  We have tons of stuff going on ready to help you rock and have fun as you run! Here is a play by play of your course to get you pumped for an awesome race day! For a full map, visit our Course Map page.

Marathon and 1/2 Marathon Course

  • Mile 1: Start in historic Balboa Park running north on Sixth Avenue.
  • Mile 2: University Ave brings you under the North Park sign.
    • Make sure to smile, Photographers will be there to take your picture with the sign.
  • Mile 3: Head north on 30th Street into Normal Heights.
  • Mile 4: Cross over the 805 and hear the retro sounds of Come Back Buddy & the neighbors in Normal Heights cheering you on
  • Mile 5: The powerful Wear Blue: Run to Remember’s Wear Blue Mile honoring the service and sacrifice of the American Military as you curve with Mountain View Dr.
  • Mile 6: Turn onto Adams St. and don’t forget to stop for a photo at the Normal Heights sign!
  • Mile 7: After heading south on 33rd, turn left on Monroe Ave, south on 34th St. and cross over 805 to the sounds of Marissa Grace Music Band!
  • Mile 8: Back to University Ave, but it’s time for the Marathon and 1/2 Marathon to split once you hit Grim Ave.
    • El Comal, Caffe Calabria, and Waypoint Public all will be open at 6am for fans to cheer you on

Marathon ONLY

  • Mile 8: Stride down University and get cheered on by the spectators at Breakfast Republic!
    • Breakfast Republic is opening at 6am for fans to watch and cheer.
  • Mile 9: Head up Georgia St. and cross over to Park Blvd. to continue west on University Ave.
  • Mile 10: Smile as you run under the Hillcrest sign!
  • Mile 11: Head north into Mission Hills and get a burst of energy as you hear Digital Daze
  • Mile 12: Get a double dose of bands as you run through Presidio Park!
    • No L7 playing 80s, 90s and 00s Rock
    • Fat Sabbath jamming as a tribute band
  • Mile 13: Exit the park and cross over the San Diego River on Morena Blvd.
  • Mile 14: Listen to the sounds of Pop by Disappointing Joseph & Suite 100 before you head into Mission Bay
  • Mile 15: Cruise past Seaworld with Fallbrook Vigilantes & Wilovalot playing you the sounds of Soul, Funk, and R&B.
  • Mile 16-17: Take in the beautiful sights of Mission Bay as you hit the hotel parking lot, listen up for the coastal beats of The Surf Birdz & Coastal Eddies
  • Mile 18-19: Exit Mission Bay Park and head into Mission Valley on Morena Blvd, then turn left on to Friars Road to hear some music from The Santana Brothers & Triton Eye
  • Mile 20: You are almost done! Keep on Friars Road and hear Rock and Roll San Diego as you pass the mall!
  • Mile 21: Making a sharp right, follow the 163 as we head back downtown to the finish line!
  • Mile 22: Hear some Reggae and Pop as you listen to Caravan La Vie & The Skariginals
  • Mile 23-24: Enter Balboa Park and hear your bands, Screamin’ Javelinas  & West Coast Rhythm, helping you push through the finish line!
  • Mile 25: Heading right on B Street you are in the final stretch!  Rock on to Interfate and Di Vad when you hit Fifth Ave.
  • Mile 26: You Made It!! Congrats Marathoner! You have definitely earned your post race beer & concert from Gavin DeGraw!

1/2 Marathon ONLY

  • Mile 8: You’ve split from the marathon and head south on Grim Ave. before cutting over to 30th Street.
    • Rock on to The Halides as your cross Upas Street.
  • Mile 9:  Make a right at Redwood St. and run past the park on 28th and enter Balboa Park at Upas St. and Texas.
  • Mile 10: Curve through the park and hit your stride with the drumming of Naruwan Taiko. Get ready to go downhill!
  • Mile 11: Head down the hill with a beautiful view of Downtown San Diego and the Coronado Bridge. Get in the rhythm with Rumba y Soul & Castillo
  • Mile 12: You are almost there! Head towards downtown on B Street, making a left on Fifth Ave to get to the finish line.
  • Mile 13: You made it! Congrats half marathoner! You pushed through until the end- now go join the rest of your friends at the Toyota Headliner Concert Series post race concert!