2016 Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Event Guide


Inside this guide, you’ll find everything you need to rock San Diego on race day!

  • Welcome to the Start Line – Vital info for race weekend
  • Post Race Concert Headliner Information
  • Spectator Guide for your friends and family
  • 5 Race Day Don’ts
  • 4 Strategies for Race Day Jitters
  • 48 Hours to Race Day – Get to the start feeling 100%
  • Manners for Miles – Etiquette for runners
  • Race Day Gear Checklist
  • What to Eat Before Your Race
  • Hydration Hazards
  • Trips for Racing in the Heat
  • Energy Gels – power in small packages
  • Recovery – keys to being able to walk on Monday
  • Car-beer Loading – the best spots for beers along the course!


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