Expo Hours, Packet Pick Up, and Weather Updates

Expo Hours & Packet Pick Up // Saturday, June 4, 4pm

We are aware of the many road closures and extreme traffic in San Diego County currently. As a result the Health & Fitness Expo will stay open until 6pm today (1 hour later).

In addition, race day packet pick up will be available starting at 4:15am. Affected runners should proceed to the Solutions Tent at the Start Line with their photo ID and signed Confirmation Sheet to pick up their bib. Please plan to arrive early as there will be lines.

The race will start as planned at 6:15am.

Race Day Update  // Friday, June 3, 2pm

San Diego is expecting warmer weather than normal this weekend and the Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego team will be doing everything possible to prepare for this.

Here are some tips to make sure you’re fully prepared for the day too:

  • Remember to complete the Medical Information on the back of your race bib.
  • Hydrate. Drink plenty of water today and before the race. And on course drink (both water and Gatorade) early and often.
  • Take some salt. Before your race, add a salt packet to a cup of fluid and drink it. Salt packets will be available at the start line refreshment stand and also from race officials within your starting corrals. Salt packets can be found on course at all medical stations as well.
  • Don’t over-exert yourself. If you’re feeling uncomfortably hot, slow down.
  • Marathoners: Make use of on-course cooling elements.
    • Spray Stations on course: at various points along the course
    • Cold Sponge Station
    • Cooling Buses: Mile 17.6 and 22
    • Cold Towels at the Finish Line
    • Additional resources will be added as necessary. When in doubt, take a break in shaded areas along the route for a quick breather.
  • Marathoners: Consider switching distances. If you’re running the marathon you can decide to drop down to the half marathon before the race, or at the split point on course at mile 8.1, without any advance action.*
  • As a reminder, please be aware of the following course cutoff times.
    • Marathon: 7 hours
    • Half Marathon: 4 hours
  • If you don’t feel right, stop at a medical station to get checked out or see any race or city official out on course who can help you seek assistance.
  • Be aware of additional communications and updates while out on course.

Rest assured we’re ready to rock with you, no matter the weather. To read more expert tips for running in warm weather, click here.

For more information and updates throughout race weekend please check Twitter, Facebook, and back here on our website.