Marathon Training



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This program was designed with first-timers in mind. You will run four days a week, and the majority of your workouts will be six miles or less. With just one additional day of cross training and two full days of rest, the following plan can easily be balanced with the demands of a family, career and social life. You can do this!

Quality Over Quantity
“When the unexpected happens, prioritize. Your long runs are the most important workouts, as they will help you build the endurance necessary to finish a marathon.”

Stay Self-Aware
“When completing your workouts, run at a pace that is true to your own fitness level. Don’t compare yourself to a friend, family member, running partner—or even the runner you were last year or last month. Your training will be most successful when you listen to your body.”


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Put these tips to use and start training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon.

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