10 Fall Training Tips to Rock San Francisco!



Fall is here, which means great running weather, autumn leaves, and pumpkin-spiced everything! Kick-off your fall training to ROCK San Francisco with these 10 tips compiled from Competitor.com, the Official Magazine of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.

  1. Now that you’re register to run San Francisco, it’s time to make hills your new best friend. Add this Hill Repeat Training Plan to your workout to increase your running performance for race day.
  2. Speaking of hills, start incorporating rolling hills into your runs as well! These are a great way to prepare for a hilly race because they don’t require a change to your normal training routine.
  3. Now that the beautiful fall weather is upon us, it’s time to hit the trails and start running on different surfaces. As much as possible, try to switch it up with these tips.
  4. Don’t overdue long runs. Although they are important to any training plan, long runs are an element that can be easily overdone, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran. Here’s how.
  5. Work on training your mental muscle. Just as you practice running race pace in training, or tackling a tough uphill, it’s important to work on your mental fitness as well. Try it with this tip!
  6. If you don’t do it already, try working out in the morning! Try this tip on waking up early, because lets face it. It is a lot easier to get up and go for a run before work than it is when it’s dark and Netflix is waiting for you at home.
  7. Incorporate time-efficient, Tabata style workouts! These workouts are all about getting the most bang for your buck, and can help improve your aerobic and anaerobic fitness.
  8. Cross-training can be a great way to switch up your daily routine while preventing overuse injuries. Whether it’s swimming, biking or yoga, try these 4 awesome workouts you can incorporate into your weekly training plan.
  9. Say yes to yoga. Not only does it help develop flexibility, balance and whole-body strength, but it can also lead to better running form, greater running efficiency and more running power. Here are 3 keys moves to get you started.
  10.  Don’t forget to enjoy your training! Remember when race day comes, you will be excited that you got in your training and are able to experience the joy of finishing a hilly, half marathon in beautiful San Francisco.

If you aren’t registered to rock San Francisco yet, sign up today! Or help your friends conquer this bucket list race in 2017 and share these tips with them. Happy Rocktober runners!

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