Bus Boxes On Course

What is a bus box you ask? While running the course, you may notice an alternate race route and police, volunteers or staff changing the path of the runners. We are doing this on purpose and this will not affect the distance of your race – you will still be running the SAME DISTANCE of 13.1 miles! The purpose is to allow traffic to cross the course in a way that does NOT affect the runner experience.

There are TWO bus boxes on course:

  • First bus box is at 0.3 miles. Runners will either:
    1. Run north on 35th Ave, turn right on Cabrillo, run north on 34th and right on Clement
    2. OR run north on 35th Ave all the way to Clement, turn right on Clement to 34th, continue straight on Clement past 34th
  •  Second bus bus is at 11.8 miles. Runners will either:
    1. Run south on Polk St, turn left on Ellis, turn right on Larkin
    2. OR run south on Polk, turn left on Vallejo, turn right on Larkin

Most runners will NOT see the bus box in action but we inform you so that you are not surprised on race day. Either way you will still be running the SAME DISTANCE!

Learn more about bus boxes on course by watching this video and come to race day ready to ROCK the United Airline Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon San Francisco!