10 Fall Training Tips to Help You Conquer SF

We all know that the United Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon San Francisco is the perfect spring race. With views of the San Francisco Bay, live bands and interactive activations lining the course, the Golden Gate Bridge and of course, tons of beautiful rolling hills! As we move into fall it’s time to start gearing up your training for San Francisco, and with the help of Competitor.com, the official magazine of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, we’ve compiled 10 helpful tips to get you ready to conquer SF.

  1. Once you’ve registered for San Francisco, add this Hill Repeat Training plan to your training mix. Incorporating the right types of hill workouts into your training will be a key piece to make sure you’re race day ready.
  2. Start hitting those Rolling Hills. This will help you keep your normal pace running up the hills on race day.
  3. Change your surface! Strengthen your feet and legs on a trail run, run on roads to help keep your rhythm or use the treadmill to help you dial in on your perfect pace.
  4. Don’t overdue the long runs. We’re all excited to hit that next millage goal, but be careful not to overdo it and derail your training.
  5. Visualize your race day morning during your training and build your mental muscle. This will give you the confidence you need on race day to accomplish your goals.
  6. Speaking of that early wake up call on race day, try running early in the morning!
  7. Try a Tabata-Style workout. This routine is time efficient and will help improve your aerobic and anaerobic fitness.
  8. Utilize these 4 cross-training tips to help avoid injury during your training.
  9. Become a yogi! Among other benefits, yoga can help improve mental focus and endurance.
  10. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey to the start line! Remember when race day comes, you will be excited that you got in your training and are able to experience the joy of finishing a hilly, half marathon in beautiful San Francisco.

If you aren’t registered to rock San Francisco yet, sign up today! Or help your friends conquer this bucket list race in 2018 and share these tips with them. Happy running!

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