No Excuses Training to Spring into Action

With warmer weather making its way here to stay permanently, it’s time to jump start your off-season training outside and on the pavement. Depending on where you live, cold weather winter blues might have side tracked your off-season training regimen, leaving you feeling sluggish and unmotivated–that stops here.

It’s time to channel your inner Rock Star to push yourself up out of bed, off the couch or away from your work desk and out the door to get some mileage in. Take advantage of these simple and easy-to-follow training tips to keep your off-season training going long and strong. It’s time for some no excuses training from The Tempo, the Official Blog of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.

#1 Iron Sharpens Iron, so One Person Sharpens Another

This one is easy–get a workout buddy. When there’s another person involved in your workout routine, it’s harder to fall back on the age old excuse of “I don’t feel like going today. I’ll go tomorrow.” When you least feel like going to the gym or logging a run you have another person there to push you and vice versa.

#2 Don’t Put Off Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

Procrastination kills many a dream and many a training run, so don’t procrastinate your runs. Sunny weather today doesn’t mean it will be here tomorrow or this weekend. It may take a little planning and extra effort, but you have to make time around busy work, school and family schedules to get your runs in. That may include going to bed early to run before work or giving yourself a study break and your eyes sometime away from the computer screen. Planning ahead will ultimately make your runs less stressful and easier to achieve versus doing it tomorrow, the next day or the next day and so on.

#3 The Only Workout You’ll Regret is the Workout You Didn’t Do

If you don’t make running or walking a priority you’ll regret come race day. Being alive in today’s day and age means a demanding schedule and busy lives, which is all the more reason to make time to hit the pavement to de-stress.

There are plenty of excuses that can creep into our minds and make us feel justified in putting off a walk or run, but remember, excuses are the tools that build great moments of nothingness and bridges to no where. Make you-time a priority. Get outside and on the pavement to rock your no excuses training! And don’t forget to mark your calendar for San Jose’s biggest running festival. Join us October 7-8, 2017 for the twelfth annual Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon!