Top 5 Best Bonding Outings For Co-Workers

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A study by U.S News took a close look at the industry of  team building programs available in today’s world. After careful examination they were able to determine which activities helped contribute to an improved workplace environment and bonding among co-workers. In an industry filled with wilderness and ropes courses, laser tag outings, trust falls and more, the study deduced that five activities ranked as the Best Bonding Outings for Co-workers. The official results included volunteering, fitness or sports activities, field trips, professional development activities and shared meals.

Sports and Fitness Activities

Ballard states that fitness and sports activities benefit employees in both a mental and physical health capacity. “Employees have lost weight and report a higher awareness of wellness issues, strengthened sense of community, improved morale, and increased motivation,” says Ballard. “The interactions among departments have also led to improved communication, a better understanding of colleagues’ roles, and more effective collaboration.”


Field Trips

“Leaving the confines of the office to visit a museum, nature center, or local historical society gets employees out of their typical work environment and provides an opportunity for new learning and experiences, says Ballard.” He references the Vermont based Green Mountain Coffee Roasters as an exemplary organization. The Green Mountain Coffee Roasters take field trips seriously, going as far as sending employees to Costa Rica and Guatemala, where they can immerse themselves in the coffee growing process and environment.

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Rock Corporate empowers employees to become Rock Stars by providing opportunities to build relationships, improve fitness and reach goals together.

  • PARTICIPATE: Run or walk the 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon or marathon distance
  • DONATE: Choose your favorite cause and fundraise together
  • VOLUNTEER: Help out on race day, at a water station, or the finish line
  • CHEER: Behind every runner is a support crew there to cheer them to the finish– make some noise!

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In its 12th year, this annual event is considered California’s fastest half marathon with a fast, flat course that offers a perfect opportunity for walkers, runners or joggers to get their best time. Runners are treated to live music bands throughout the course to rock them to the finish line, no matter their distance. Add that to the cheer teams that come out to high five, hug and give participants that added bit of encouragement to carry them through to the finish. Best of all, Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh closes out the event in red carpet fashion with a headliner concert and Finish Line party.

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Visit for more information or to read the full study here.