A Rockin’ Guys Weekend In Savannah

A Rockin Guys Weekend In Savannah


We make the planning easy to slip away for a rockin guys weekend in Savannah, the Hostess City of the South. Explore a few of the city’s most popular sights, tastes and things to do.

Food & Beverage:

The restaurant scene in Savannah is able to please any palate.  Throughout the city you’ll find restaurants that offer a range of foods that depict the diverse cultural roots of the city which include African, Spanish, Native American, English and others. Located off the Savannah River, you’ll also sure to find menus full of fresh catches for the seafood lovers out there.


Don’t let the city’s small size fool you. Savannah has a lively nightlife scene that comes alive when the sun sets. Here’s a list of local favorites:

Tours & Adventure:

Don’t just take our word for noteworthy activities and entertainment in Savannah. The city is the proud home of the Savannah Collegiate Coastal Plains League baseball team, the Historic Savannah Theatre, drinking bike and pedal trolley tours and more