13.1 Training Tips For Your Best Half Marathon

In recent years, the half marathon has become America’s fastest-growing race distance, as the number of 13.1-mile races has swelled along with the number of participants. Looking to complete 13.1 miles? Check out these tips to make the most of your experience:

  1. Run For A Reason
  2. Train At Least 13 Weeks
  3. Buy Two Pairs of Shoes
  4. Recruit A Running Buddy!
  5. Plan a 5K and 10K too
  6. Run On Different Surfaces
  7. Get Fast First
  8. Practice At Race Pace
  9. Experiment With Fuel
  10. Don’t Overdue Long Runs
  11. Study The Course
  12. Train Your Mental Muscle
  13. Run Negative Splits

13.1 Plan Your Next Run!

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