Run With Ryan

Hey Rock ‘n’ Rollers!

My name is Ryan and I’m an ambassador for the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Series. Chances are you’ve seen or met me if you’ve been to a Rock ’n’ Roll race before. I love my job as it has made a huge impact on my life. Some of my favorite parts are meeting our awesome runners, hearing inspirational stories, sharing the fun of race preparation and the celebrations of success. Y’all make my job ROCK!

But I have a little secret…I’ve never run a race before. Not a 5K, not a 10K, and certainly not a half marathon. But that’s all about to change! I’ve just signed up for my first-ever half marathon, at my favorite destination, Rock ’n’ Roll Savannah. I invite you to join me as I begin this challenge. I’m going to start from scratch with a 12 week training plan. I’m going to participate in shorter races along the way, and on November 5th I’m going to cross the finish line in Savannah, with my friends and colleagues by my side.

If you’d like to share in this journey, follow my progress on Facebook and scroll down for my blog. You can also register and run with me on race day. So come rock with me through my journey of completing my first half marathon.

I look forward to updating you on my progress soon and hope to see you in Savannah this fall to RUN, ROCK, & ROLL!


About Ryan:

  • Lives: Tampa, FL.
  • Favorite time to run: In the morning before the HOT Tampa sun. There’s 94% humidity today in FL. HOT!
  • Favorite road trip snack: Gatorade and some kind of chips. Lately I have been into the dry snap peas that they give out at our expos. I could eat these daily!
  • Best road trip jams: I am a big fan of the electronic music out these days. My favorite group is, Above & Beyond.
  • Furthest distance you’ve run: A 5K back when I lived in Atlanta, GA. Looking forward to running Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah this year being that I am from GA.
  • Favorite summer pastime: Going to the beach and being in the sun. The water near my home in the gulf of Mexico is so warm in the summertime making it very refreshing to swim.

Run With Ryan Blog:

8/3/16 - The Journey Begins!

Hi Rock 'n' Rollers,

Ryan Davis here for my first blog of my 12 week training program leading up to my first ever half marathon which will be taking place November 5th in beautiful Savannah, GA. I just registered for my very first time as a real participant. I have typed out many of these registrations to test or for participants while working the Rock 'n' Roll booth at each Health & Fitness Expo we have in all participating cities, but it felt very surreal to sign up for the first time as a runner. It gave myself some feelings of intimidation, but I am sure this is just new nerves of actually running and training for a half marathon.

As someone who has never run a race before, sometimes I feel like this could be easy. But from the experiences I see and hear from all of our participants, this is NOT A EASY thing to do. Accomplishing 13.1 miles as I am starting to train is overwhelming, exciting, exhausting, and also very humbling. Lets hope I do well and the training goes well and that I get a solid pace down. I put my finishing time for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Hopefully I can PR this. Just kidding, this is my first race so it will be a PR. I look forward to my very first race and really hope that we get a big crowd of people to run with us. I am headed out for my first 25 min cross train. I will let you know tomorrow how it goes.

Thanks everyone for all of your support. It really means a lot to me and I'm looking forward to this experience to share with you all. #RNRSAV #runrocknroll #rocknrollmarathonseries #savannah #georgia #southerncharm

8/4/16 - Training In The Heat

Well today's blog is about yesterday and today's training. Yesterday I got registered for #RNRSAV. I was so excited and hyped up from registering, I went out and did a 30 minute cross train. I have to remember every time I step outside the house how hot and humid it is. Then I question myself 'was this the right thing to do, to train for a half marathon in this weather? Of course it's worth it, keep going.' This is what I have to tell myself when I am out there battling this heat. But I feel great though, I have gone 2 days in a row training and eating properly as well. I felt sore this morning after yesterday's training but when I went out and ran today I could not tell it was there. I was trying to stay very focused on going one mile at a time instead of thinking how far I'm going to go in total. If I break it up that way mentally, it will (or should) help me get to that finish line... along with the amazing support from my fellow runners and course support. Tomorrow will be a different story though as I'm feeling maybe my legs will be more sore than today. Tomorrow I will be running 2 miles total non-stop or will be doing a 3 minute run and 1 minute walk routine. Take care everyone and stay tuned for more.

8/11/16 - Getting Into A Routine

This past weekend I took my 4th day off as I had to work both Saturday and Sunday all day in Tampa. Also, it has been raining non stop down here in Tampa, FL so its hard when you get up and see that its pouring out. Saturday morning after my Wednesday-Friday runs, my legs and knees were telling my mind that they hate me. My muscles were soar in places that I didn't even know I had a muscle there. It felt good that I had been running, but not thinking about the soreness helped while I was working.

The rain finally stopped on Tuesday for a little bit. Just enough to get out there and try to get 3 miles in. Its taking me some time to really get a pace going as I am still new to this. I can only run about 3-4 minutes without stopping. Also, working on trying to control my breathing, staying focused of whats ahead of you, and my running style (legs, form, etc.). I have been going to 3 miles the past 2 days. Running every 3 mins and walking for 1. It really is a lot harder than I thought to train for a half marathon. I am keeping up the training as much as the weather lets me and looking forward to each run, even know if hurts. But after every single run, I feel better, more accomplished that I got it done, knowing I am one step closer to crossing that finish line. Thanks everyone.

8/21/16 - In Full Swing

Training is going well. I have missed a few days of running due to work commitments, but I'm back on the wagon now. Again, as usual, it has been very hot in the morning or anytime of the day to run. Then we always have to worry about rain at least once a day but scattered throughout the city. I have gotten a total of 5 miles as my longest run so far. I find myself having to walk after a constant 5 minutes. With the high heat and humidity, it really does drain you really fast of all your energy. The sooner I get out there in the morning the better. I am still working on a consistent pace time as I am still feeling new to training and need a little help on what to look for pace numberwise. I have a fitness tracker to help with distance and time too.

I'm still battling a bit of knee soreness - I pulled a LCL 17 months ago in my left knee and it's healed since but, I feel myself slowing down when I start to feel any pain in that area. I do NOT want to injure myself before my first race ever. I have been cross training as well doing things like riding my bike and working out. I know there is more I can do but still testing what the best is for my lifestyle. Any suggestions are always helpful. You can send me a message via Facebook for tips I can use.

Today I am starting a Run with Ryan Road Trip in the Tampa area promoting RNR Savannah and our remaining races for 2016. I will be traveling to Tampa/St.Pete/Clearwater, Orlando, Gainesville, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee. If you are near or close to any of these cities, come check me at a running store near you. I have a lot of complimentary items to give out and discount codes too. You can also sign up for any remaining 2016 races using a $20 OFF code: ROCKWITHRYAN to get a discount. YES, even Vegas is included in this discount. This code will expire by 8/31/2016. I hope to see you on the road trip and cannot wait to see everyone in Savannah. Take care everyone.