Training for a Half Marathon with a Busy Schedule

A busy work and life schedule can get in the way of any training routine. Where do you find the time? When should you begin? What type of training can I even fit into my schedule? These are questions every busy runner faces, which is why we looked to Women’s Running, the Official Magazine of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Series, for helpful tips to keep your training and your life under control for your next half marathon.

What’s the best way to get ready for a half marathon with an busy schedule and long workdays?

Every endurance training schedule should have a mix of hard and easy days,” says coach Dave McGovern, the national head coach for Team Challenge, a non-profit training program for runners that supports the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.

“For you, work days will become your rest or very easy cross-training days. Your days off  from work will be your quality runs. Your schedule should look something  like this:

Monday: Work (off or easy cross-training day)
Tuesday:  Easy 3–5 miles
Wednesday: Not-so-easy tempo 4–5 miles
Thursday: Work (Off or easy cross-training day)
Friday:  Work (Off or easy cross-training day)
Saturday: Not-so-easy tempo 4–5 miles or intervals
Sunday: Long run

How can I properly train with vacation and holidays approaching?

“If you can, try to get in one last long run about two weeks before your race, that would be optimal—and probably a highlight of your trip. Other than that, squeeze in a couple of 4- to 5-mile progression runs per week.  Start at a moderate pace and build toward race pace. I think the vacation will be great for your half-marathon prep.”

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