Four Week Training Plan

Savannah 4 Week Training Plan

Having trouble getting that little extra motivation to get you to the start line? There’s good news. You can still jump start your training and be ready to perform come race day.

This article from, the Official Magazine of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series offers runners side tracked by busy schedules a guide to get your workouts and your body on track.

Be Honest With Yourself

The first step to getting yourself on track four weeks out is to be honest with yourself. No one knows your body and it’s limits better than you. At the four week mark it’s important to be mindful of your training and avoid overkill on your body. Minding your training regimen will help you avoid injury come race day. Being disciplined and committing to cram in runs raises the potential to injure yourself before the race versus the runner that takes a more mindful approach.

Key Workouts & Training Volume

To maximize your race day performance make time for 2-3 race-paced, below race-pace and volume workouts each week. Race-paced workouts incorporate a set pace, but offer the body rest periods to adjust. Below race-pace workouts focus on strides per week with 20-30 second intervals. Volume focuses building mileage at steady and consistent pace by 5-10% intervals as the race day gets closer.

This is just a preview of the many options available to runners. For more information or to read the full article, please visit

We hope to see you at the START LINE in the Savannah!

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