Tips to Help Running Feel Easier

Here are some tips to keep running easy this fall, from, the Official Magazine of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series. Make the most of these tips now while you build your base, stay in shape and enjoy your run!

1. Stand Tall and Roll Your Shoulders Back
“Focus on rolling your shoulders back, opening up your rib cage and standing taller.”

2. Slow Your Breathing
“Take longer, deeper breaths. This will help you take in more oxygen.”

3. Smile and Unclench Your Fists 
“Many of us show our tension on our faces and in the way we tighten up our bodies.”

4. Run a Little Faster
“If you want to keep up your pace, as you would in a race, push faster for a bit. Doing this can help to use different muscles in slightly new ways.”

5. Focus on the Mile You’re in, Not How Far You Have Come or How Far You Have to Go
“Mid-way through a longer run can feel like you have gone a million miles, and you still have another million left to go. Mental fatigue can manifest as physical fatigue. Focus only on the mile you are in. Tell yourself you are on mile one of a one mile run. Once you make it to the next mile, you again are on mile one of a one mile run. A mile is mentally manageable for most runners.”

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