Spring Training Tips

We’ve got the tips you need to kickstart your spring training.

  1. Make sure you’re registered to ROCK St. Louis in October, so you’ve got a goal in place
  2. Build up a base – simply tie on your running shoes and get some miles under your belt
  3. Double up – every now and then have a double-workout day to break your body from routine
  4. Drill, drill, drill – spend 10 – 20 minutes a few times a week on basic drill workouts like high knees, skipping, and yes, sprints
  5. Throw a long one into the mix – once you’re ready, plan a 90 minute, slow and steady long run for the weekends
  6. Find a race – a 5K can be all you need to get the taste for racing. Check out some great local St. Louis races here.

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