A Golden Weekend in San Francisco

San Francisco has always been a city that I like to visit at least a couple of times a year. The city is often foggy, rainy, and cool temperature wise, everything opposite of Los Angeles. Though San Francisco is a small city, things are always changing and out of all my visits to SF, I still had yet to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, which made this race a perfect time for me to do so.

This year’s United Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon San Francisco had optimal running weather. The rain clouds had cleared by Saturday morning, and on race day, there were highs of 60 degrees.

This was my first year running #RnRSanFrancisco and I thoroughly enjoyed the new course, which started at Pier 39, ran across the Golden Gate Bridge, and ended at Ghirardelli Square. The new course had plenty of hills and some trails, which made it pretty challenging. Despite the challenge, the views were nothing less than spectacular. Clear skies made it easy for all runners to be able to take selfies with the iconic monument.

This challenging course really zapped my energy. So after the 13.1 miles, I headed back to my hotel to do my post-race recovery routine which consists of:

  1. Eating something yummy and salty. (Helps replace the salt your body losses while sweating. Sports drinks also have salt in them!) Increasing your salt and walk intake also helps increase hydration.
  2. Stretching out my legs and muscles, do some foam rolling.
  3. Ice bath to help reduce swelling. The ice bath also causes blood vessels to tighten, which helps flush out lactic acid.
  4. Taking it easy and taking it slow. I like to relax and take a nap before checking out of the hotel.

Thank you Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series and San Francisco for an awesome weekend!