All About Jared Chan

All About Jared Chan

Meet Jared Chan, a remarkable young man who has already become a Rock ‘n’ Roll Heavy Medalist at 12 years old.

Jared Chan’s passion for running sprouted from a fun 10th birthday challenge presented by his dad. For every lap he made around a track, dad Gary promised $10. Jared was more than up for the challenge and effortlessly ran 12 laps with a smile on his face. He was stopped short by his astonished father, who realized that this could get expensive.

Jared’s natural talent for running led him to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series due to the musical nature of the race. His goal for 2013: “Legend by 12, Idol at 13!” On July 21st, he completed XSport Fitness Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon presented by HumanaVitality with a 1:39 personal best (PR), and he plans to keep his remaining efforts all in the 1:30s. What keeps Jared motivated on race day? He recalls, “The bands’ pulsing energy gives me the momentum to run much faster second halves.” His favorite memories of Rock ‘n’ Roll are the fellow racers he’s met along course who challenge him the last quarter-mile. One very special memory was made at Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle where, by chance, Olympian Frank Shorter accompanied Jared to the start zone and suggested he possessed an efficient running form, which has perhaps kept him completely injury-free to this day! His dad concludes that, “Of the 30 or so various half marathons Jared has completed so far during his young running career, he definitely has the greatest fondness for Rock ‘n’ Roll events—their staff are the nicest and most supportive!”

What’s next for Jared?

Jared plans to participate at Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia, San Jose, and Los Angeles, where he aspires to achieve “Rock Idol” status for 2013. He will follow that with Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas as a bonus, simply because it’s his absolute favorite! To add to this extensive list of extra-curriculars, he is also a competitive junior bowler with a 170 average.

Jared’s story is just one of many that brings motivation and support to members of the Rock ‘n’ Roll community. Share your personal story and you could be featured in our Runner Spotlight. Your experience can encourage others through difficult times and help make dreams possible.


* Editor’s Note:
Collective coaching wisdom and research indicate that children and adults can and should train differently for a half marathon.  While the child may be just a 1/3 or 1/2 the size and weight of an adult, their lung capacity is already at 90% of an adult’s. So sprints, intervals, and speed play (“fartlek” – think soccer) will get a child the same training benefits achieved by a larger adult running mileage. These differences, coupled with the fact that speed is typically the hardest skill to achieve and the first element to go (sorry masters), it must be the foundation of a child’s training (even when distance running is the goal) and then at least part of every adult’s training program.