Runner Feature: Ruben Lopez – San Diego, CA

Ruben Lopez ran his first marathon at Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego in 2002. That same year, he was involved in a terrible car accident that left his running career hanging in the balance. He was determined to get back out there and prove people wrong. After three years of recovery and extensive training, he completed his second marathon.

Runner Feature: Ruben Lopez - San Diego, CA

“Ever since I have been running the RNR Marathon. Several years ago I decided to run as an Elvi. I am in the process of having my third Elvis Suit made.”

His 12 year old daughter aspires to run in her father’s footsteps, and is looking forward to running her first marathon alongside her father as soon as she’s old enough.

Ruben Lopez joined the Running Elvi again at Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego on June 2nd.

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