Which Running Playlist Are You? [Quiz] | The Tempo Running Blog

Every runner, from the recreational to the seasoned pro, knows the importance of a good running playlist. Whether you’re jogging it out to Train or sprinting to the Finish Line with Beyonce in your ear, some great running music can make all the difference. Your best running songs would be calculated based on your steps per minute and a song’s beats per minute, and when the two align, your feet will be flying.

Want to find your perfect running playlist? Our team at Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series has crafted up an ingenious BPM playlist quiz to help! Let us know some basic information, like your average mile time and ideal place to run, and we will whip up a customized playlist based on your average beats per minute. Then, you can save your new running playlist to your own Spotify account and start sweating! Go faster, work harder, and run toward newer, bigger goals in no time with the best running songs for you.