14 Ways to Spoil a Runner on Valentine’s Day

Flowers and champagne might be nice, but they’re not going to help your sweetie set a new half marathon PR. This Valentine’s Day, think outside the (chocolate) box and pick one of our favorite ways to go the extra mile for that special wing-footed someone in your life.

  1. Modernize the mix tape with a pair of wireless headphones, pre-loaded with a playlist of favorite songs (check out our Spotify playlists here). Bonus points for themes: Perhaps a list of music to inspire an upcoming vacation, or songs that recall specific moments in your relationship.
  1. Are you courting a morning runner? Early risers often lay their gear out the night before a workout. This gives you the perfect opportunity to slip a pre-paid coffee card into one of the pockets for a perfect post-run treat.
  1. Upgrade your blooms with some functional flare—ditch the traditional ribbon tie, and gather a bouquet up with a fun headband, fuel belt, or fancy shoelaces.
  1. Everyone loves a box of chocolates, but a dozen truffles doesn’t bode well for faster splits. Surprise your sweetie with a box of runner goodies—swapping out a few candies for some energy gels or gummies. (Leave the dark chocolate though, it’s good for the heart!)
  1. Does your significant other have a big race coming up? Indulge those weary legs with a massage, but make sure to use a scented oil that helps to stimulate the mind for optimal physical performance (lavender, lemon and bergamot are all great choices for encouraging restful sleep, reducing negative thinking and feeling recharged).
  1. Socks are not known for being a particularly sexy or romantic product…until now. Buy a few pairs and match each with a hand-written reason for why you’re thankful that person walked (or ran) into your life. Boom!
  1. Revamp your runner’s route. Do you know where your runner is going this week to log miles? Don’t wait until race day to celebrate those strides. Post some special signs and symbols on a random routine run to remind that person they are loved through every mile, not just the ones between the start and finish lines.
  1. Gift a heart rate monitor with a card outlining what your “beats per minute” are. Hint: this isn’t about numbers: Write down 60 things that make you crazy in love with that person.
  1. Nothing says caring like a silicon band — and there’s one out there for nearly every cause. But now you can make one for your runner’s cause — a sweatproof, re-useable, awesome reminder of pace goals for an upcoming race. Move over, Alex and Ani, this is where the real romance is.
  2. Runners need to hydrate, but it’s not always convenient. With desk jobs, back-to-back meeting schedules, kids, and LIFE, it can be a real challenge to get enough water in the body during the day. That’s why you’re going to make it just a little bit easier with an over-the-top vessel to deploy that liquid goodness into your boo. After all, you love that body and more than half of it is comprised of water. The options are endless — you can go classic with a Nalgene, or get fancy with a Soma glass water bottle. Or simply go for volume with a full bubbler for the home or office.
  1. Running makes people hungry and hunger can take you to some strange places (don’t judge me, but it has taken me to Wendy’s). You can take your runner to the best place with a meal subscription tailored to a variety of dietary guidelines. Whether your priority lies in fresh ingredients, specific dietary guidelines or level of difficulty in preparation, a service exists (enter Google: the options are endless).
  1. Sometimes the best way to spoil a runner is to get them to take a break from running. Remind them that there’s more to life than logging miles and negative splits — that’s why you’re going to plan a day of POSITIVE splits. Here’s your mission: Go to a few different places that you both like, and split things: Split appetizers. Split entrées. Split tastings. Split splits! After all, we’re celebrating love!
  2. Give the gift of a PR: Plan a couple’s race-cation to Virginia Beach, a city boasting a flat n’ fast course and plenty of romantic spots for the two of you to canoodle the night away. As they say, “Virginia is for lovers.”
  3. Been waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question? Why not take advantage of all those endorphins and propose at the end of your sweetheart’s tempo run?