Cinco de Mayo: Stay Focused On Your Run and Still Have Fun

May is here, and brings one of my favorite holidays – Cinco de Mayo! I have a serious love for tacos and margaritas. Of course, balancing a holiday that’s filled with eating delicious food and drinking even more delicious tequila, can wreak some serious havoc on your marathon training. Here’s my plan for having the perfect Cinco de Mayo, runners’ style.

Get your run done in the early morning.

While running early in the morning is a good way to avoid skipping on any normal day, it is especially true on a day full of distractions. Even if you don’t have any intentions of going out after work that morning, plans can easily change. It can be super tempting to skip out on your workout when you hear all your friends are going out for margs later in the day. Get your behind out of bed, start your day off with your miles, and you’ll have the rest of your day free to do as you please. Bonus points if you run 5 miles on 5/5!

Have a plan for eating out.

If you are heading out to a restaurant, stake out the menu ahead of time and have a plan of attack, especially if you are trying to be health conscious and shed some pounds for race season. While I could eat fried carbs smothered in cheese all day, my go-to at Mexican restaurants is fajitas, since you can control how much of the good stuff you put on each tortilla. I find if I review the menu beforehand and have an idea of what I will order, it helps the run-ger from setting in and leading to poor nutrition decisions I will regret later.

Cook a festive meal.

Want to avoid the contemplation of the calorie bomb at restaurants all together? Throw your own party in your kitchen! There are so many ways to make healthy Mexican dishes. From slow cooker tacos, to salsa covered grilled chicken, you can easily celebrate with a delicious dish while still keeping your diet in check.

Drink lots of water.

As far as I am concerned, margaritas are the nectar of the gods. But, if you’re not careful, you can wake up with a wicked hangover. Anyone else notice the older we get, the longer the hangovers take to recover from? Skip the headache (literally!) by making sure you chase each drink with lots of water (experts recommend a glass of water between each drink).

Enjoy the night.

Want to go throw all the health tips out the door and just party all night? That’s okay, too! I am a firm believer in balance. If you stick to a diet (or training plan!) too strictly without any wiggle room for real life, you run the risk of burning yourself out. Remember, running is supposed to be fun! One fun night will not wreck havoc on your diet or training. Enjoy the night, and get right back into your normal training and eating habits the next week.

If this weekend leads you thinking about a trip to Mexico, Rock ‘n’ Roll has two races left in 2018 in Mexico: Monterrey and Merida. Check ’em out!