The 5 Hardest Pieces of Running Advice

Everyone loves to give advice and to put in their two cents, leaving us to wade through the sea of great and horrible tidbits. There are a plethora of helpful running tips I find myself dishing out to others, yet I can’t seem to follow them myself.

These are what I find to be the 5 hardest pieces of running advice to follow:

1. Resting.

Am I right? Why is this so hard for us? Once my mind is set, and I’m following my training plan, it feels impossible to rest or back off of my mileage when I know can push further.

2. Planning ahead.

Again, why is this so hard? I can plan what I’m going to wear the next day, but that is about it. Being efficient means following a plan and running set mileage.

3. Warming up and stretching.
I coached middle school cross country this year, and you can bet that I had those kids run a warm up, come back into the gym and stretch before their workout. Do I do that? Never. Well, not until the next day when I’m really sore, and then I stretch.

4. Building up slowly.

So, I become a cold weather weenie almost every winter, and when it warms up I get super gung-ho to hit the road. After barely running outside for three months, a 5-miler feels surprisingly good. Because of this great feeling, I’ll want to run eight miles the following day. I know it’s a bad idea, but odds are I’ll go for that run.

5. Cross-training.

This one I’m not as horrible at. When I’m doing my own thing to stay in shape, I’m all over the board. In contrast, if I have a race date on the calendar and a training schedule to follow, that includes cross-training, I’m much more likely to include it in my workout.

Keep passing on that good advice to your friends and family, and do your best to not be a hypocrite and take some of your own advice when you need it!

Featured image credit: iStock Photo, Copyright: gpointstudio