The 15 Best Movies To Watch On A Treadmill

Is the weather worsening, with chilly temperatures and icy sidewalks? If so, it might be time to hit the treadmill. If you’re training for a winter or early spring race, training on the treadmill can get monotonous and mentally exhausting. One surefire way to keep motivated while you run on the magical rubber belt is to watch a movie. For maximum distraction, it’s best to go with sports-themed, comedies, or action-packed movies to ignore what your legs are doing through those indoor miles.

Here are the 15 best movies to watch on the treadmill for those long winter training runs:



Rocky – Who doesn’t love Rocky?

Chariots of Fire – This will get your motivated to run faster

The Might Ducks – Because ducks fly together! And your kids may watch with you!

Miracle- The speeches alone will get your butt in gear.

Cool Runnings – The Jamaican bobsled team is the best!


Anchorman – Will Ferrell, hilarious

Wedding Crashers – Crabcakes and football, thats what Maryland does!

Zoolander – A classic, well maybe not but it’s still funny.

Office Space – Try not to laugh

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – An oldie but a goodie


Die Hard – Because its Christmas time, and what would Christmas be without John Mcclain

The Bourne Identity – The ones with Matt Damon

The Matrix – Oh Keanu Reeves

Speed- Keanu Reeves again!

Mission: Impossible – You just ran on the treadmill for almost 2 hours!



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